How to add a video to an event landing page

Video is a great way to tell the story about your event - perhaps it includes shots from previous events or a vision of what is to come, or interviews form speakers or clips of music from concerts. Used well video can excite potential attendees and show them what the event will be like.

Inserting a video on the landing page is as easy as copying the video URL (from YouTube or Vimeo) and inserting it into the event description.

Important: Video will be displayed on BOTH mobile and desktop views of your landing page!

1. Make sure your video is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo.

From any YouTube page click on the camera+ icon.

For Vimeo, click the cloud+ Upload icon:

2. Once the video is uploaded, copy the URL for the video:
3. Head over to your event on EventsFrame and click on the Settings > Description tab.

You will need to click Edit Event description or click on the description box to open the editor.

4. Paste the video link into the video field

Firstly click on the filmstrip icon and then paste the entire URL for the video (including the https://www. part) and tap Save.

The video will resize and center automatically - there is no need to do anything! You can even preview the video in the edit view.

5. Preview your event and see how the video looks on different screen sizes.

Now you may preview the event, or visit the event page if it is published already.

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