How can I close my event to registrations?

There are two different ways you can prevent people from registering to your event. The first involves the visibility of the event and the second is by preventing customers from buying tickets.

You can Un-publish your event to remove the entire event, dates, location and description form view.

Alternatively, you can prevent registrations by closing the event to registrations. Registrations can be closed/opened under:

Event name >> Registration >> Payment Options >> toggle Registration Open/Closed

Registrations Closed Unpublished
Event visible? yes no
Can see event details? yes no
Can buy tickets? no no

Once the event is closed for registrations your customers will see:

The text 'Registration is closed' can be customised under the Text and Labels page. For example:

Please note: When registrations are closed, customers can still view your event description, location and dates. If an event is not published, no information is visible.

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