Selling tickets to webinars on Demio

Demio is one of the most best known webinar platforms and has become so because of its straightforward interface to setup webinars. Demio is built to drive lead generation, it is also a great tool for running training webinars.

EventsFrame enables you to sell tickets for webinar events on Demio - buying a ticket through EventsFrame triggers the integration and sends the registration details to Demio...automatically!

** Please note this feature is only available to premium monthly/annual subscriptions.

Connecting EventsFrame with Demio

We are going to connect EventsFrame with Demio using the Demio API. This will enable us to sync ticket buyers from EventsFrame with registration lists in Demio.

Demio >> Account name >> Settings >> API >> Copy API key and Secret

Make a note of these keys and head over to your EventsFrame account.

EventsFrame >> Settings >> Integrations >> Demio

Copy and paste the API Key and Secret.

Collecting Attendee Information with EventsFrame on Demio

Now that Demio is setup on the EventsFrame account, we can head over to an event. Each event must be connected separately to Demio. Every new event will need to select a Demio webinar to sync the registration list.

EventsFrame >> Events >> Choose your event >> Registration >> Integrations >> Demio

Now you will select the event you are syncing to in Demio. If you have just created your Demio webinar you might need to reload the list of Demio events in EventsFrame.

Once your event is connected to the event in Demio, ticket buyers will be automatically synced to your attendee list in Demio.

By default, only the email address and name is synced. If you want to sync across more on...

How about Custom Fields?

Both event information and custom fields need to be setup as custom 'Form Fields' in Demio. This means that you will need to manually setup any of the 'standard' fields and any of your custom fields EventsFrame is collecting in Demio before accepting registrations. For reference the standard fields EventsFrame collects are listed here.

Demio's documentation on customising Form Fields is located here.

Important note: to correctly sync between custom field and Demio form field, the name of the custom field should avoid 'spaces' and special characters.

All of this is much easier to see from a quick video:

More Information

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