AWeber is a powerful email marketing and automation tool, and is one of the most popular email marketing tools around today.

Providing event organisers the ability to send automated replies, up-sell and market new events to their previous attendees and much more, AWeber makes it all easy.

How do I connect EventsFrame with AWeber?

It's as easy as logging in...

From your EventsFrame account head to Settings and click on Integrations. Select AWeber and sign in when asked to.

That's it...connected!

Syncing Events with AWeber

To have your attendee data sync across to AWeber, you need to set this up on an event.

To do this, head to your events list, then go to registrations and integrations, select AWeber from the list of available integrations.

EventsFrame >> Select event >> Registration >> Integrations >> AWeber >> Choose list

You will now need to choose the list that you are syncing your attendees to. Please note that custom fields are unique to each list in AWeber, so if you have set any of these up, you will ned to do this for each and every list.

AWeber supports tagging, the default tag applied is the name of the event - you can customise this.

All of the standard EventsFrame fields can be synced, but these need to be created in AWeber first, and these need to be done in each list in AWeber. Custom fields are also supported, you need to ensure the name of the Custom Field is a single string/word.

Watch the video below for a complete overview:

Other technical details

GDPR Privacy link

AWeber API status page

AWeber Support Docs

API Limits:

AWeber has a limit on the number of requests that can be made each minute to our API. This limit is there to ensure that the API is available for anyone who wishes to use it. You can make 120 requests each minute, per customer account. That means that if you have three AWeber customers using your integration each account gets its own 120 requests per minute. There are no daily or monthly limits to the API, just the per minute limit as specified above.

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