Keap (formerly Infusionsoft)

Keap is one of the most popular and established email marketing platforms. With a new interface and tools for 2018, there are lots of tools available form list management to automation. The automations in particular have a really great visual builder.

Connecting Keap (formerly Infusionsoft) with EventsFrame

Connecting EventsFrame with Keap is as easy as authorising your Keap account within EventsFrame.

EventsFrame >> Settings >> Integrations >> Keap >> Sign-in and authorise

Once authorised, you can connect individual events with Keap.

Collecting Attendee Data with Keap

To sync your attendee data with Keap, you will first need to connect the individual event with an Keap list or campaign.

Please note: Campaigns will only show up in EventsFrame once they have been created and published and in the 'READY' state, and not 'DRAFT'. The visual campaign builder is an incredibly powerful tool, please see this article for full support documentation.

To get started, choose an event from you events list, head over to registration and integrations and then activate Keap. You will now choose the list or campaign to sync to.

And of course it is much easier to see this from a short video:

Keap Integration - Technical Details

GDPR Privacy Link

Keap API Status Page

Keap Support Docs for API

API Limits:

You are limited to a total of 125,000 api calls per day (25 calls per second max) across all Keap applications you are sending data to.

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