Mautic is an open source email marketing platform. You will need to host this yourself on your own server - but its a great solution to get started with as it is FREE!

Integrating Mautic with EventsFrame

Mautic is added from EventsFrame settings in the same way any other integration is initiated, see this help article to get started.

Before adding Mautic, you will need to setup the API key in the Mautic settings. To do this, head over to:

Mautic >> Settings icon >> Configuration >> API Settings >> Enable API Key 

>> Enable HTTP basic auth

Next, head over to EventsFrame settings, Integrations and add Mautic.

Once you have added Mautic, you will need to enter:

  • Mautic domain (found in configuration on Mautic)
  • email/username
  • password

That's it! Mautic is ready to use.

Collecting Attendee Info with Mautic

Before we are finally ready to connect an event to Mautic, we must first decide which segment or campaign we will be connecting with, and create ALL the custom fields to collect data from EventsFrame.

For this example we will assume we are connecting to the 'All Subscribers' list.

The video above walks you through setting up Custom Fields and Mautic.

You will need to manually setup every field listed here, plus any additional custom fields you require to sync.

Other stuff

Mautic GDPR

Mautic API Status page

Mautic Support Docs

Mautic API Limits - whilst no specific daily limits exist, Mautic restricts between 30 and 75 requests per second.

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