Integrating SendInBlue with EventsFrame

SendInBlue has an awesome 60 day free trial that includes automation - so if you want to get started with email marketing, this could be the one!

Integrating SendInBlue with EventsFrame

SendInBlue just requires that we connect the API v3 key from SendInBlue into EventsFrame.

SendInBlue >> Account Settings >> SMTP&API >> copy API v3 >> 

EventsFrame >> Settings >> Integrations >> SendInBlue >> Paste API key

Once the API key is pasted into EventsFrame, you can then go ahead and enable it on an event.

Collecting Attendee data with SendInBlue

SendInBlue will automatically collect your attendee email addresses. Yo capture further information about registrations you will need to create these fields in SendInBlue manually.

This list of fields is automatically sent by EventsFrame, but each field will need to be created in SendInBlue before it will be collected by SendInBlue.

SendInBlue >> Contacts >> Settings >> Contact Attributes & CRM >> Configure >> Add New Attribute

Once all attributes are created that you need to collect data for, you can go ahead and sync an event with SendInBlue.

SendInBlue connect with event and Custom Fields 

Connecting SendInBlue on an event is as easy as heading over to the event and..

Registration >> Integrations >> SendInBlue >> Choose List

The important thing to do before launching registrations is create all the fields and your custom fields in SendInBlue first.

You will need to create the standard list of fields manually, along with any custom fields (see above).

SendInBlue - General Notes


API Status

SendInBlue API Support Docs

SendInBlue API Limits:

The SendinBlue's API allows a maximum 400 request per minute. Between 400 and 2,000 requests per minute, the requests will be slowed down by a random delay up to 2 seconds. Above 2,000 requests per minutes, they will be discarded.

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