Integrating EventsFrame with MailerLite

To begin collecting attendee information with MailerLite you need first to connect MailerLite via your account settings. For basic setup of integrations see this article.

MailerLite is email automation designed for small businesses, bloggers and authors. For up to 1,000 subscribers the basic MailerLite account is free! (at the time of writing this article!)

Setting up MailerLite with EventsFrame

Once you have added MailerLite in account settings, you will need to enter the API key that can be found in your MailerLite account.

MailerLite >> Upper Right Menu >> Integrations >> Developer API >> Use >> Copy API key

we now take this API key and enter it in the setup screen of MailerLite in EventsFrame.

Getting started with MailerLite

With MailerLite setup, you can proceed to use it with any of your events. Head over to the event, click on Registration, then head over to Integrations and select MailerLite to enable it.

The last step is to select the Group from MailerLite to sync your attendees. This can be one overall group for all events, or an individual group per event - the choice is yours! Alternatively you can add attendees directly to the main subscribers list.

Custom Fields

Custom fields must be created in MailerLite before accepting registrations. These must have exactly the same format as the custom field in EventsFrame (spelling, punctuation). The records in MailerLite must be created in TXT format. Tip: test with a sample registration to check you are collecting the correct information.

Standard Fields

The following standard fields are collected automatically:

Name Description Example values
email Email is ALWAYS synchronised, attendees without email are skipped
coupon_code Coupon code used on the ticket order, uppercase VIP_CODE
event_id ID of the EventsFrame Event qPjmJdRy8
event_name Name of the EventsFrame Event The Summer Workshop
order_id ID of the EventsFrame Order tBhqvahna
attendee_id ID of the EventsFrame Attendee
language ISO code of the primary language from user's browser, lowercase en, cs, it, es
orderer Is this attendee the one who made the order? yes, no
payment_method The payment method used to purchase or order tickets braintree, braintree-paypal, paypal, stripe, transfer
tickets All Attendee's Tickets separated by comma "Full Conference ticket, Workshop, After Party"
first_name First name of the attendee if names are supported John
last_name Last name of the attendee if names are supported Doe
full_name Full name of the attendee if names are supported John Doe
checked_in Whether the attendee was checked in to the event yes, no

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