ConvertKit is a super cool email marketing platform designed specifically for the online creator - blogger, YouTuber, online trainer, musician, coaches, photographers and more!

Getting Started..

First connect ConvertKit from your account settings screen, see the Integrations Quick Start guide for help.

Enabling ConvertKit

You will now need to get your API Key and API Secret from your ConvertKit account.

Login to your ConvertKit account and click on your profile image and name in the upper right corner, and click 'Account Settings':

Next up we need to take the API Key and API Secret from ConvertKit to put into the settings screen on EventsFrame:

ConvertKit: API Key and Secret - never share these with anyone you don't trust!

Once these have been added to EventsFrame, click the green 'Connect' button in EventsFrame and you are ready to go!

Using ConvertKit on an event

Now that we have setup ConvertKit, we now go ahead and enable it on each event we want to use it on.

Head over to one of your events and go to:

Registration >> Integrations

We want to enable ConvertKit (you will need to do this step for each and every event):

We need to now choose which Form or Sequence you will be updating with your event attendees. 

  • Forms are the standard way to collect information about your attendees
  • Sequences are an automated sequence of emails that will be sent to your attendees

Tagging - by default we have listed the name of your event as the tag - you can change this manually. You can also enable multiple tags by separating them with commas.

After clicking 'Save Configuration' your ConvertKit integration is complete! Attendee information will be automatically collected by ConvertKit.

Custom Fields

If you have any custom fields enabled on your event, you must also create these in ConvertKit before receiving registrations. If someone registered for your event and you didn't create the custom field on ConvertKit, you will not capture their custom field data.

Simply copy the Custom Field name directly into the new field box on ConvertKit.

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