How to use integrations with EventsFrame

Discover how to use integrations with popular email and marketing services to improve your customer communication and sell more tickets

But first....what do we mean about integrations!?

Using EventsFrame with an integration allows you to connect data you are collecting through tickets sales to external email and marketing services. 

Ok I get that....but why would I want to do that?

At the most basic level, as soon as someone buys a ticket you will want to keep them updated about the event. If there are any venue changes or schedule updates you can quickly email out to a mail list automatically created within a supported email service. This email list would be populated automatically based upon sales within EventsFrame!

Ok great...tell me more...

The most popular integrations (every email marketing tool is slightly different) allow for automating emails. 

Let's say that you have created a 'Know your coffee beans' workshop introducing customers to the delights of freshly ground coffee. As people sign up you launch an automation within your chosen service to automatically remind people where the event is taking place in the run up to the event.

You receive great feedback and now decide it is time to up your game and launch a barista course. This same email list can be emailed automatically at regular intervals to market this new event. And this can be done automatically from when you very first launched your first event!

Alternatively you can take this email list of attendees and incorporate it into your master list...or not....its up to you!

Oh wow this really does sound great...

Well there is more! 

EventsFrame integrations with email tools are actually the best available for events - because its not just the email address being synced!

Screenshot : mailchimp : showing event details and a custom field (Vegan) being synced to mail list in mailchimp

In fact information including ticket name, event name and even custom fields are all being synced to your email tool of choice. This means that you can receive your attendees food preferences or special assistance information within your marketing platform so you can better manage your events.

Ok awesome. I am ready for the advanced stuff

Ultimately we want to use these integrations to make better events...and sell more tickets!

Here is an example of an automated communication you could setup:

  1. Jerry buys a ticket and receives a confirmation from EventsFrame
  2. Jerry's information is automatically synced to your email marketing tool (mailchimp/Drip/ActiveCampaign)
  3. An automated email confirming the event location and reminding people to bring their iPads is sent form your email tool
  4. A custom email is sent only to people who didn't fill out their dietary requirements custom field is sent, reminding them to fill this out
  5. An automated email is sent offering a discount code for attendees colleagues
  6. An automated email is then sent offering the up-sell to two events instead of one at a 30% discount
  7. (after event) An automated sequence of emails sends a sequence of educational emails, at the end of which they receive a discount to the next advanced series of events
  8. .....and so on!

Screenshot: Drip : showing syncing of fields to a Drip Workflow, updating custom fields happens in real-time
Ok let's get started!

firstly, we need to setup the integration before we can use it on an event.

Settings > Integration > Choose integration

EventsFrame has a lot of integrations planned, for now we have launched:

The links above get you started with the integrations within EventsFrame.

Every integration is slightly different and you should always refer to the email tool's own support docs as well on how to best use these amazing tools.

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