Creating tickets

An event isn't complete without tickets!

Watch this quick video:

First off you will need to click on the Tickets tab at the top of your screen.

Next we will click the green button "EDIT TICKETS" (whether there are tickets or not, always click edit tickets to generate new tickets or edit existing tickets)

And then click on "+NEW TICKET"

Next we define a ticket label (name) and ticket description - keep the name short and the description punchy! The maximum length for a ticket name is 40 characters, and the description is 500 characters maximum length. 

The order size fields allow event creators to define the minimum number of tickets that can be ordered at one time (usually 1) and the maximum number of tickets that can be ordered at one time (variable).

Lastly, assuming this is a free event, we just need to enter the total number of tickets that we have available.

In order for us to sell tickets, we must enter the number of available tickets.

Click the green "ADD TICKET" button and then click on "SAVE CHANGES".

Congratulations your ticket is created and you are ready to go ahead and start publishing your event! 

Sub-tickets are created in the same way and you can use the drag and drop function to reorder them

Please note the following limits on tickets:

  • Maximum number of tickets: 1,000,000,000
  • Maximum number of order size: 1,000
  • Maximum price of a single ticket: 999,999

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