Drip takes email marketing to the next level with their powerful automation tools. Drip was designed specifically for eCommerce marketing automation, and provides some really amazing automation tools not seen elsewhere.

Firstly, lets we need to connect your account with Drip.

Settings >> Integrations >> Drip

Before doing this, ensure you are also logged into your Drip account.

Head over to the settings on your EventsFrame account, click on Integrations and then click on Drip. 

An EventsFrame window will appear asking you to Authorize this connection, and then a Drip window will appear asking you to also Authorize this connection. Assuming everything worked, you should see the message below:

Now that Drip is connected to our EventsFrame account, we also need to enable it on each event we wish to sync data.

How do I enable Drip on an event?

From within EventsFrame, click on any event and:

Registration >> Integrations >> Drip

This is where the magic begins...

You will now choose what to connect this event to:

  • Campaign - initiate a topic specific series of emails to the attendees
  • Subscribers - choose the list to add your attendees to
  • Workflow - create an automation to send specific content based upon attendee fields

The Drip integration is very powerful - because you can trigger a Campaign/Workflow directly upon an attendee registering.

Drip captures ALL information automatically from EventsFrame - custom fields, event names, event tickets and more. 

See below for a snapshot of fields being updated to Drip:

So what can I use this for?

This powerful EventsFrame Drip integration puts you in control of next level tools in re-marketing to your audience:

  • Use the sync to Campaign to send an automated sequence of 5 event preparation emails, preparing attendees for your event
  • Again using a Campaign, alternatively automate a series of emails post event to funnel customers to a new series of events
  • Use an automated Workflow to guide attendees to a specific event based upon their location, previous event participation and more
  • Use the Subscriptions list to collect all your attendees and also their dietary preferences to personalize future invites

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