Active Campaign

Getting setup with the ActiveCampaign integration is easy and you will be connected in less than a minute!

Firstly from within EventsFrame head to:

Settings >> Integrations >> ActiveCampaign

Clicking on ActiveCampaign to will be presented with a window similar to below:

The API URL and API Key can both be found in your ActiveCampaign account. Login to your Active Campaign account and head to:

Settings >> Developer

Copy these two fields into the EventsFrame Active Campaign window - and click Authorise.

ActiveCampaign is now connected and ready to start syncing your attendees.

We now need to setup events to sync with ActiveCampaign

Head over to any event:

<strong>Event >> Registrations >> Integrations</strong>

And select the Contacts / Lists / Automatons that you want to sync to.

Tags...optional but so important!

Whilst you can go ahead and add new registrations to a list specific to that event, you might want to think again.

As soon as an event is complete you can go ahead and merge lists together or merge a list with your soon as you do this you are likely to lose the event the attendee was a part of.

Tags allow you to tag a participant with the event name, and then you can sync the event with the main contacts list. This way you keep all your contacts in one place, but the tags will differentiate where they came from.

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