Email Notifications

*** Please note: Email Notifications are an unlimited accounts feature and will only be visible on your account if they are a part of your standard monthly or annual subscription. If you do not see Email Notifications, this means that they are not a part of the subscription that your account is under. If you want to upgrade your account to enable email notifications, please contact us at

How can I setup email notifications?

Email Notifications are an easy way to be notified of when someone buys a ticket to your event.

Firstly, email notifications must be setup.

Settings >> Email Integrations >> Email Notifications

Choose Email Notification icon from available services. Click enable and this activates email notifications on your account.

How do I enable notifications for events?

Email notifications now need to be enabled for each event:

Event >> Registration >> Integrations

Click on 'Email Notifications' and choose where to send notifications about the event. You can choose from an existing email address or add a new one.

Ok that's it.

You will now receive email notifications to the nominated address, if you wish to change this then simply change the email address under 'Email Notifications'.

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