Connecting EventsFrame with MailChimp

Mailchimp is a very powerful email marketing tool. Combining the power of EventsFrame and Mailchimp's flexible email tools provides you with a great platform to market your events to your current and previous attendees.

Syncing EventsFrame with Mailchimp takes just a moment to get setup.

Firstly, click on the Settings tab at the top right of the screen, click on Integrations and lastly select Mailchimp.

On the next screen you will need to enter your Mailchimp credentials:

Once Mailchimp is connected you will see it listed in 'Connected Services'. Mailchimp will be accessible to all your events, but must be setup for each event. 

Firstly head over to any event, click on Registration > Integrations > Mailchimp.

EventsFrame screenshot showing the workflow to enable Mailchimp on an event

Lastly, we need to choose which list in Mailchimp we want to sync our attendees. You can choose from any existing list or create a list unique to this event.

Now that we have Mailchimp connected, your attendees will be automatically synced to the list you selected.

Please note that if you populate one list with attendees from multiple events, the attendee will only be added once. This is important to know in the case that you have returning attendees and requesting different custom fields across multiple events, you may not get the latest data if they already exist in the list.

Mailchimp Integration Complete

EventsFrame is now syncing your attendees to your chosen email list in Mailchimp. It is a great idea to setup a separate email list for each event, once the event is over you can then merge lists together.

What data is being synced? And can I sync custom fields with Mailchimp?

By default, EventsFrame is syncing the following fields to Mailchimp:

  • Email address
  • First Name
  • Last Name

In order for Mailchimp to capture event name, event ticket, and any other custom fields we need to configure ' List fields and *|MERGE|* tags' within Mailchimp.

List fields/merge tags are additional information collected by Mailchimp about your contacts. We need for EventsFrame to tell Mailchimp about these fields, but before we can do that we must configure them in Mailchimp.

How to configure List fields and *|MERGE|* tags?

From within Mailchimp, click on your List and then on Settings.

You will now see a list of fields already collecting data. We will now add another field:

Add a field >> Field Type: Text

This new field will be used to collect the Event Name, fill it out exactly as you see below:

You can also see in the above image how we are collecting the ticket types as well. You can go ahead and add this now.

Lastly, don't forget to click 'Save Changes'.

That's it! Your Mailchimp list is now collecting event name and ticket details for every registrant!

Well how about Custom Fields?

Any custom field data can be synced in the same way - you just need to make sure that the custom field is added as a list field within Mailchimp.

What data can be collected by defult?

The EventsFrame Mailchimp integration supports the following default merge fields:

  • FNAME - First Name
  • LNAME - Last Name

Additionally if you name your MailChimp merge field any of the following it will get it's value:

Name Description Example values
email Email is ALWAYS synchronised, attendees without email are skipped
event_id ID of the EventsFrame Event qPjmJdRy8
event_name Name of the EventsFrame Event The Summer Workshop
order_id ID of the EventsFrame Order tBhqvahna
language ISO code of the primary language from user's browser, lowercase en, cs, it, es
orderer Is this attendee the one who made the order? yes, no
coupon Coupon code used on the ticket order, uppercase
attendee ID of the EventsFrame Attendee
paymethod The payment method used to purchase or order tickets
braintree, braintree-paypal, paypal, stripe, transfer
tickets All Attendee's Tickets separated by comma "Full Conference ticket, Workshop, After Party"
full_name Full name of the attendee if names are supported John Doe
checked_in Whether the attendee was checked in to the event yes, no

And how about Custom Fields?

Lastly, any custom field that is named in your Mailchimp LIST will also be synced - the List Name MUST be the same as the Custom Field name.

The Custom Field name must not include spaces or special characters (apart from underscore _). Use the Custom Field description to describe the Custom Field, and the name will sync with MailChimp. The Custom Field name length must be <=10 characters in length.

Syncing Custom Field data is a great way to capture information you will use in the future to promote your events.

For more support on Mailchimp lists, please see Mailchimp documentation:

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