How do I create an increasing discount based on number of people registering?

Sometimes you might want to offer an increasing discount based upon the number of people registering. Already in EventsFrame you can offer a bulk discount - but this is fixed. What if we want to offer a discount for 3 people and then a larger discount for 5 people?

To satisfy this scenario we can create multiple bulk discounts, but they must be ordered in the correct way - so that the larger number of attendees are guaranteed to receive the larger discount.

Here is the discount we want to offer:

Number of Attendees Discount
1 0%
2 5%
3 10%
4 15%
5+ 20%

We are going to setup 4 separate bulk discounts - remember a bulk discount is for more than one attendee. Here is my bulk discount settings for 5+ tickets:

Now we need to order the bulk discounts, the discount at the top of the list takes priority. We need to check first for 5 attendees, then 4, then 3 and so on and so we need to order the biggest discount first:

Note: If instead we put the Bulk 2 discount first, as soon as the system saw 5 attendees it would apply this discount and stop - and would not 'see' the Bulk 5 discount. By dragging the discounts in this order we can be sure the attendees get the correct discount.

Lets take a look to see how this works on an event:

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