How can I customise a button or text label?

***Since Feb 9th 2023, it is possible to custmomize only text of VAT box and a Note to the order confirmation email.***

Whether you are selling tickets for a concert and want to have people click 'BUY TICKETS' instead of 'REGISTRATION or your event is in Paris and people understand 'Carte de Crédit' more than 'Credit Card' then you need some customization!

EventsFrame allows the customization of 10 important buttons and labels that are most important to attendees. To edit a button or label firstly head over to:

Event > Settings > Labels

Many of these changes will be made for translating English phrases to another language. EventsFrame users may also find that there are regional differences as well. For example, 'Bank Transfer' doesn't have a meaning in certain regions and 'Wire transfer' would be a better choice.

For languages other than English, we recommend creating a Template that contains all of the translated buttons and labels, and using this template to create events from. This will save event managers from needing to change the language on buttons and labels every time an event is created.

Field character length restrictions. The fields are restricted in how many characters can be used. The min-max number of characters are shown in { } below. If there is a language requirement to have a longer field for any of these please contact us at

Registration {3-16 characters}

The Registration button appears on the main event landing page, and takes attendees to the ticket purchasing screen.

Event info {3-16 characters}

From the ticket purchasing screen or from attendees tickets page, the Event info button takes you back to the event description page.

The date field shows on multiple screens and is usually changed as per language needs.

The location field will show the address you have entered from the Event Settings screen.

Change Tickets {2-16 characters}

After choosing tickets and heading to the checkout screen, attendees will have the option to go back to the ticket selection screen to add or change the number of tickets they wish to purchase.

Credit Card {2-24 characters}

Credit Card Checkout...and...

PayPal {2-24 characters}

PayPal Checkout...and...

Bank Transfer {2-24 characters}

Critically 'Bank Transfer' may be better stated as 'Wire Transfer' or 'Purchase Order' depending on your region and payment requirements.

Free Checkout {2-24 characters}

Free Checkout will appear only when the tickets are all free or when a discount is applied to make the ticket free. 

Other possible options for this are 'Register Now' or 'Register' or 'Get Your Tickets Now'.

Submit Order  {2-16 characters}

After choosing tickets and payment method, this is the final button customers will press to order tickets. This most likely only needs changing for languages other than English.

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