Agency Features

Agency features allow EventsFrame users to manage multiple EventsFrame accounts (sub-accounts) under one primary account.

Why would you want to do this?

If you are managing events on your clients behalf, by holding multiple EventsFrame accounts you are able to setup different payment processors for each client - and keep them separate. Additionally by holding multiple accounts, you are able to provide your clients their own logins to EventsFrame to view their events and ticket sales at any time.

What does that mean?

  • Running an agency account means you can have sub-accounts, each with their own organiser access and therefore their own payment gateway settings.
  • Each EventsFrame account grants access to one agency account to use with one client (and one client per each additional sub-account).
  • The agency account owner would have access to all sub accounts and their respective events and orders.
  • The app itself and public-facing interface will always contain EventsFrame's legal link (but you can remove visible logo) and run from the EventsFrame domain.
  • There will not be options to charge your clients from within the EventsFrame app.
  • These features are designed for agencies to support clients in ticketing and running events. It is not a reseller program. 
  • There will be no mechanism to white label the app or charge your clients from within EventsFrame.
  • This is an agency account designed for you to support your clients run their events. Any billing arrangement should be a part of your existing contract and services with your clients. 

If you would like an Agency account, please, contact us.

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