How do I check-in attendees - QR Codes and Web Check In

It is the morning of your event and you are about to welcome tens, hundreds or even thousands of excited attendees to the registration desk of your event!

You need to get them registered and through the door as quickly as possible to maintain an amazing event experience.

Setting Up The Event to Allow Check-in

From the Events screen head over to Settings and scroll to the check boxes at the bottom:

Check the 'Attendee check-in enabled' box and then 'Save Changes'.

Your event is now enabled for check-in!

Checking In Your Attendees at Your Events

There are two ways in which EventsFrame allows checking-in:

  1. Website Check-in
  2. QR Code Check-in

1. Website Check-in

To register attendees from the EventsFrame website, head over to, select your event and open up the Orders>Attendees List. The list below shows that the first 3 attdendees are checked-in (shown by the green check mark).

Click on any attendee name to check them in, on the attendee screen at the bottom you will then click on the green 'Check-In' button....attendee checked in!

The Attendee Info will show the checked in status with the green check mark and 'Check in status'.

If for any reason you want to cancel this, click on the red 'Un-Check In' button at the bottom of your screen.

2. QR Code Check-In

No laptop to hand? Then all you need is a mobile device and a QR Code reader. You probably already have a QR code reader:

  • iPhone: QR Code reader is built into the iPhone's camera - just point the camera at the QR code on the ticket and it will automatically recognise it and ask you if you want to go to the check-in link on the screen
  • Android: Google Assistant works similarly to iPhone, alternatively you can download and use any QR code reader from the Google Play Store
To check-in using the QR code:
  1. Scan the QR code
  2. You may need to sign-in with your EventsFrame account if this is the first Check In
  3. The QR code will take you directly to the attendee screen, tap on the green 'Check In' button in the lower left of the screen:

You can Un-Check In attendees in a similar manner.

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