How to track your Facebook ads with Facebook Pixel

If you are advertising your events on Facebook there is one essential tool you need to be using - Facebook Pixel. You need to know your ROI on Facebook leads and you can only do that by tracking conversions - and this is fully supported within EventsFrame.

Wait....back up a moment....what exactly is a Facebook Pixel?

The Facebook Pixel is a small amount of code that tracks conversions from Facebook ads. You can use this data to optimize your Facebook marketing strategy, target specific audiences, and even send promotions to people who have taken some kind of action (for example, buying a ticket!) on your events pages. Essentially the Facebook Pixel boils down to know whether a customer buys a ticket after seeing your Facebook ad.

Getting Setup with Facebook Pixel

You don't need any coding skills on EventsFrame to setup Facebook Pixel, you only need the code you have retrieved from your Facebook Events Manager page.

  1. Head over to Facebook Events Manager
  2. Click on the Pixels tab
  3. Click Create a Pixel
  4. And click Create again to complete the process of creating your pixel

5. Now copy the Facebook Pixel ID code which will be in the upper left of the window:

Complete documentation for the Facebook side is available here: Using Facebook Pixel.

Once setup on Facebook, all you need to do in EventsFrame is add the Facebook Pixel code...

Adding Facebook Pixel to EventsFrame

Head over to the Settings tab on EventsFrame. Next Click on Account:

save image

From this screen you are able to enter your Facebook Pixel ID and hit Save Changes.


What is tracked?

PageView, ViewContent and Purchase

Using Facebook Pixel Data

The Pixel Data can be retrieved from your Facebook Business Account. Here are just some of the ways in which you can use that data:

  • Re-market to previous visitors - If somebody has already visited your event pages, use this data to present a different ad specific to that event
  • Target specific audiences - based on the knowledge of who is visiting your event pages from Facebook, specifically target these demographics within Facebook ads


Please note that currently it is possible to add only one Facebook Pixel to your event.

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