Accepting Payments with Stripe

Setting up Stripe to work with EventsFrame is very easy. 

Before you get started you will need to get your Stripe credentials:

  • Publishable API Key
  • Secret API Key

Head over to your Stripe dashboard for this, and view this Support documentation from Stripe (external link):  Obtaining Stripe API Keys

Obtaining API Keys from Stripe

  1. Head over to your Stripe account Dashboard (this link should take you directly to the api section of the Stripe dashboard, if it does not please see: Obtaining Stripe API Keys)
  2. Ensure that you are viewing the 'Live' keys. The Live keys will be of the form pk_live and the upper right of the screen will have the option to 'View test data'.See below:

Stay on this page and open EventsFrame in a new tab.

Updating EventsFrame with Stripe Credentials

Firstly head over to the Settings tab on your account.

save image

Next click on the Payment Options section, and click on '+ Connect Stripe'.

save image

You will now need to enter your 'Publishable API Key' and 'Secret API Key' you have obtained from Stripe.

save image

Once this information is entered, click on 'Connect' and you are now ready to accept payments via Stripe.

Note on Customer Bank Statements

Your customers will see your organisation name on their bank statements if they have been billed via Stripe, if no organisation name is set, they will instead see the event account owner's name.

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