Creating an Event

To get started creating your first event, click the EventsFrame link from your email or go directly to

If this is the first event you are creating an event, this is what you will see:

The table is ready to start listing your events, the big blue "CREATE EVENT" button is where you will click to...create your event!

Once you have clicked the blue button, you will be taken to the event creation screen:

save image

Enter the following information:

  • Event Name (pro-tip: keep the name engaging, unique and not overly long - maximum 200 characters)
  • Location (insert a short address - EventsFrame will automatically map this address to Google Maps - maximum 250 characters). If you have an online event, enter the URL for the event in this field and be sure to disable the Google Map (see below)
  • If you do not wish a Google Map of the location to be shown, do not check this check box. If you have an online event, disable this check box.
  • Start and finish dates (US format mm/dd/yyyy, use the date picker or enter directly into the boxes)
  • Start and finish times (not required)
  • Timezone (timezone that the event will be happening in)
  • Change the display of time to 24 hour format (check the box)
  • Collect first and last names - if you are just doing simple registration you may not want to collect names
  • Attendees can update their own name - this is enabled by default - uncheck this box to prevent name changes
  • Enable/disable attendee check-in
  • Allow Search Engine indexing - don't check this if you are running private events

Lastly confirm your changes by hitting Save.


If the event does not have a Description, the event page will default to the registration page and no map will be shown. The map only shows on the Description page.

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