How Do I Create a Discount?

Discounts really are a great way to encourage people to sign-up for your events. You want to give your potential attendees a great reason to sign up today!

There are many types of discount scenarios you could offer:

  • offer a discount to people buying more than one ticket (bulk discount)
  • offer a limited number of discounts, for example 10 tickets at 30%
  • provide your email list a private code for 20% off
  • if you are running a pre-conference, offer up a discount for people booking that and the main conference (combo discount)

Of course there are many more scenarios you may want to account for.

Please note: with multiple discounts being offered its very challenging to show all this information on one ticket as teaser text - it is very good practice to add this information also to the event description and any accompanying website you are using.

Creating a Discount

With EventsFrame it is really easy to create a discount. Assuming you have already created your event and added a ticket, head over to the Registration>Discounts tab from the menu bar.

Here is where you will need to decide on what type of discount you want to offer. For this example we are going to offer a 25% discount on any ticket purchase made before August 31st. 

For this we want to click on 'Ticket Discount', and then enter the following fields:

  1. Discount Name - this will appear on the checkout for the attendee 
  2. Choose the ticket to be discounted
  3. We will not combine this discount with any other discounts we have, so deselect the checkbox (alternatively we could combine this with other discounts)
  4. Percentage based or value based, we will keep the percentage discount and enter 25 in the Discount Size box
  5. If you wanted to offer a coupon you can enter that here - don't forget to share this coupon with your intended audience!
  6. Do you want to limit the discount by time? Set the From and To dates here, in our case from today until 31st August.
  7. Discount Teaser Text - '25% off before August 31st!'

Once you are happy with the settings, click 'Add Discount' and your discount is live and you attendees will see the teaser text next to the ticket!

You can see more discount options here.

<strong>Very Important: Discount Coupons are unique for each event - if you create a coupon then this coupon name cannot be reused even if you delete the coupon</strong>

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