How to Create Events quickly from Templates

We know what it's like, you're running multiple events across multiple teams in multiple regions...but you want your event pages to all have the same look and feel but with the ability to customise the text and image on an event level. 

You can do this easily with EventsFrame. Event Templates enable you to easily copy:

  • Event name
  • Location and dates
  • Description
  • Tickets
  • Discounts

Please note that the header image will need to be uploaded separately and cannot be copied in this way from template to event, or event to template.

Creating Templates

1. Creating a Template from an Existing Event

If you already have a successful event and want to 'copy' this event to a new location and time, you can do this easily from the event itself. Description, location, dates, tickets and discounts will all be copied over 

Navigate to the Events list and click on the event you want to 'copy'. At the top of the screen is the 'Create Template from this Event' button:'re finished! This template can now be used to create new events. 

The new Template will have the name 'Template - EVENT NAME' to show that this is a template form the event you created it from.

2. Creating a Brand New Template

You can also create a new template directly from the templates section.

Clicking on the Templates button will take you to the Templates list. You now have the option to Create a New Template:

A new template is created in the same way an event is created and you can view those step from the Getting Started section:

Please note that it is not possible to copy header images in this way. Header images must be uploaded for each event.

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