Landing Pages

Important: EventsFrame landing pages are optimized and submitted to Google for indexing. To increase the priority that Google adds to your page, link to the landing page from at least one external source (your company website, blog, etc).

Our Landing Pages tool is super easy to use, and has been designed to be beautiful and fast.

We will need to visit two sections to create the landing page. We will need to create an awesome Event Description and then upload a cool Event Header Image. 


Settings >> Description

Here we are going to describe the event. This is your most important event sales window and is where most visitors will go to for information. You need to communicate what is amazing about your event and what visitors will find at your event they wont find elsewhere.

List out the benefits for your event and ensure that its tailored to your specific audience. Optionally, include some quotes from previous attendees showing how amazing your event is.

We recommend that your description is at least 350 characters - this optimizes the event for search on Google.

Settings >> Style

Equally as important is a visual style to your event. For this you will need your event header image. Head to the style tab and upload the header image according to the following.

Only JPG and PNG images are accepted.
Recommended resolution is: 1500px x 500px (minimum resolution is: 1026px x 342px).

Upload your image and EventsFrame will do the rest.

Your mobile friendly awesome event landing page is complete!

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