Publishing Your Event - Links and Embed Options

Your tickets and event info are ready, you have previewed your event and now it's time to go live and sell tickets.

From the Event > Dashboard Screen:

save image

Click on Publish Event, once published you can easily remove the event from public view the event by tapping Un-Publish

Note: You can also close registrations allowing event visibility but preventing the sale of tickets.

To access the Share & Embed options, click the next tab:

The Event Page Link links directly to the landing page for your event, potential attendees will see your header image, event description and be able to click on the link to the registration page.

The Ticket Registration Link goes directly to registrations, viewers will see the header image, and can click through to the Event Page.

Embed Ticket Registration - if you are planning to embed only the ticket registration part of the page, follow these guides below:

Embedding to Wordpress

Wordpress requires a plugin to embed an iframe. (external link)

Please note that the embed code must be set to 100% width to remain responsive.

Embedding to (New) Google Sites

Google Sites just launched this functionality late 2017. (external link)

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