Configuring Your Account

Welcome to your new account!

We have designed EventsFrame to solve the problem of getting your events online quickly so that you can get to the important task of selling more tickets!

In just a few short steps you will ready to get started creating your first event. 

In the screens below you can add in your organizers description, your support email address and powerful analytics codes and payment options. Firstly you should head over to and sign in with your EventsFrame account. Next select the Settings option in the navigation menu at the top of the screen.

Login to account > Settings

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1. User Info

In User Info you will find all the info about your account with EventsFrame. If you need to change your name or registered email address please contact

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2. Account

You can edit your support email address here - this is the address all event queries will be sent to. You will also enter information about you as an organisation which will appear on all event pages. The support email address for your attendees can be changed here as well - this is where attendees are going to be contacting you and may be different from your account administration 

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Lastly the fields for  Facebook Pixel, Drip Analytics and Google Analytics are entered here. If you are not familiar with these then that's ok! Its not compulsory to enter this information - but if you are using any kind of online ads or targeted promotions these tools will take your ticket sales to the next level.

3. Payment Options

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Multiple Payment options are available:

  • PayPal
  • Braintree
  • Stripe
  • Bank Transfer

You will need at least one payment before you can start selling tickets. If you are running free events then this is not required.

See  this article for more help on connecting payment processors.

It is important to note that only one connection with each payment processor is possible within an EventsFrame account.

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