Offline payment option (customisable)

The default Offline payment option can be customised to anything the organiser wants:

  • Wire transfer
  • Check/cheque
  • Payment Order

This can be setup globally for all events, and then customised for individual events.

Please note that EventsFrame has no payment connections with banks - these options are for payments that will be conducted 'offline' via manual transfer or cash payment at the event itself. There is no functionality within EventsFrame to confirm that a bank transfer was made.

Global Settings

Your global accounts settings must be checked to ensure that Bank Transfer has not been disconnected:

Event Settings

From the Payment Options tab of any event, once the event is marked as a Paid event, the Offline payment option will become available. After checking the box next to Bank transfer, you will need to head to:

Event >> Settings >> Labels customise Offline Payment text. The organiser may then choose to enter any text they deem appropriate:

  •  cash (if accepting cash at the event)
  • Cheque/check
  • Wire transfer
  • Purchase order
  • ....and many more

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