Adding Billing/Payment Methods

Payment Options for Events

EventsFrame offers several different payment methods for attendees:

Offline Payment (customisable)




Important Items to Note

  1. Please note, it is only possible to have one credit card processor per event. Both Braintree and Stripe cannot be enabled for the same event - this wouldn't make sense when accepting credit card payments for the funds to be directed to both!
  2. If you wish to remove a payment option, the payment option should be removed from the event before its is removed from your account.

Payment Options

A maximum of three payment options can be enabled for each event:

  • Braintree OR Stripe  (ie only one credit card option)
  • PayPal
  • Offline Payment

...Although it is possible to have all enabled on your account, be sure to choose the correct processor(s) for your events.

Removing Customer Address Requirement

save image

EventsFrame was designed to ensure a fast checkout for customers when they have opted to buy tickets for an event. It is possible to remove the requirement for collecting address details by deselecting the checkbox highlighted above. This will save time during the checkout process and should increase event ticket sales!

VAT Field

VAT can be enabled simply by checking the box and entering the country and rate of VAT. 

You can also choose a different name in place of VAT, such as HST, GST or many more.

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