Custom Fields

Custom Fields enable the organiser to collect information you require about your attendees. From Twitter handle to t-shirt size, dietary preferences to favorite muffin flavour!

Organizational Level Custom Fields

These fields are set at the organizational level and are available from the Settings screen on the EventsFrame homepage. Once set, Custom fields at this level will then be available across all events. Admins may set up to a maximum of 10 custom fields.

For example, you may wish to define Social Media fields at this level, a they are used frequently to engage with attendees across all events. Dietary preferences are another good field to 

How To Create Organizational Level Custom Fields?

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From the EventsFrame Settings page go to 'DEFAULT CUSTOM FIELDS'.

To add a new field, simply press '+ADD NEW FIELD' button. Proceed to enter Custom Field Name and Field Description, remembering that these will be used across all events and be sure to create a suitable name and description.

NOTE: New fields will only be available for events created after the creation of the custom field.

Event Level Custom Fields

Unique to each event, these fields are defined for each event. Added in exactly the same way as above, for events Custom Fields are found on the event setup pages.

If you need to remove a custom field, click on the name and then hit the red delete button.

Custom Field Notes

Do note that the more custom fields you generate, the more information the attendee will need to complete on the attendee information screen.

The Custom Fields are not mandatory for attendees to fill in - they are available after an order has been placed.

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