Discounts Overview

Discounts put you in full control of the pricing for your event conditional upon a variety of different options.

Discounts can be structured to offer an 'Early Bird' rate, group order discounts, coupon codes for preferred customers and many more! The discounts are broken down into the following:

Please note that only one type of each discount can be applied to an order. A total of 4 discounts (one of each type) can be applied to an order.

Please note: with multiple discounts being offered its very challenging to show all this information on one ticket as teaser text - it is very good practice to add this information also to the event description and any accompanying website you are using.

Also note the following limits for length of fields:

  • Discount name: 100 characters
  • Discount teaser text: 100 characters
  • Discount coupon code: 100 characters
  • Maximum available discount units = 1,000,000,000
  • Maximum number for bulk discount items = 100,000,000
  • Maximum value for discount in currency value = 999,999

2 for 1 Discounts

EventsFrame discounts are based on percentage and amount discounts. A ticket can be discounted by either a percentage or a value. 

A 2 for 1 discount can be set by creating a discount value of 50% on a minimum order amount of 2 tickets, essentially we can think of 2-for-1 as a 50% discount.

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