*Platform closure date: February 14, 2024*

Why is legacy EventsFrame platform closing down?

The legacy platform's development started over 7 years ago with a purpose of serving a specific niche of conference organizers using a technology tool set fit for this purpose. The tech behind it, however, limited its potential. In addition, the original business model proved to be unsustainable forcing the closure of the platform.

What happens to my existing plan and account?

The platform including all plans will be closed down in the first half of 2024. Until then, the account with all your events is accessible and you can sell the tickets. However, new event creation is not possible after December 2nd when this functionality was disabled.

How can I create new event?

In order to create a new event you need to sign up for a new platform under the platform's conditions (legacy platform's plans do not apply). The process is user friendly and takes up to 3 minutes of your time.

Why should I sign up for the new platform?

💸 Pass fees on: Bid farewell to the fees! Pass them directly to the buyers including your current payment gateway fees.

🚀 Earn While You Sell: Enjoy a 'rebate' of up to 2% on fees for every ticket sold! This isn't just about ticketing; it's a collaborative partnership that rewards your success.

🎟️ User-Friendly Interface: Effortlessly manage your events with the intuitive and streamlined interface. Say goodbye to complexities and streamline your process seamlessly.

🤝 Community Building Features: Cultivate connections through community-building features. Your events transcend mere gatherings; they can evolve into vibrant communities.

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