Stripe integration

When selecting Stripe subscription plan, please provide the card you wish to be charged with. You will only be billed on the 1st day of the following month if you have sold a paid ticket or digital merchandise.

Once you've activated your subscription, you can get started by adding Stripe as your main payment method to receive earnings from your sold tickets.

Before you begin the process of adding the Stripe payment method, make sure you have obtained your Stripe Public key and Client Secret.

To obtain your Secret API Keys navigate to your Stripe Dashboard. (this link should take you directly to the api section of the Stripe dashboard) You can find more information about this process in the Stripe Support documentation by visiting this external link: Obtaining Stripe API Keys. Once in your Stripe account Dashboard, ensure you are viewing the 'Live' keys section. Secret API Key keys follow the format "sk_live".

Once you've obtained your Stripe credentials, simply copy and paste them into the EventsFrame settings, and you'll be all set to start accepting payments seamlessly.

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