Digital merch

Where to find NFT Merch?

On your event's management page you simply click on Registration > NFT Merch > Add New Merch.

Firstly you need to fill in merch details and then tick the option ‘This is an NFT Ticket’.

After clicking ‘Open NFT Creator’ below, the NFT creator will automatically pop up.


Current version of the NFT Creator allows you to upload your own 2D image. We recommend you to use a square (can be different shape as well) image of at least 1200x1200px. After that, you can save your ticket design by clicking 'Publish NFT' and closing the window.

Templates and 3D option will be added in Q4.

Adding Digital Merch

Select one of your NFTs and add it to your Digital Merch by clicking the button 'Add Merch’. Your NFT Merch will show up among the others in Registration > Digital Merch. Customers will be instantly able to purchase your NFT Merch.

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