Event landing page + checkout

New event landing page + new checkout

Our event landing page and checkout have been redesigned, and we are excited to introduce the new version.

Header Image

Make sure your event's landing page is visually pleasing to customers by  uploading the cover image.

Only JPG and PNG images are accepted. Recommended resolution is: 1500px x 500px (minimum resolution is: 1026px x 342px).

You can customize the primary background color behind the cover image instead of customizing the colors of other elements.

Smart Tickets

In case the event offers smart tickets, your custom NFT will be shown on the left-hand side of the screen.

Event details

Ticket buyers can also see all the necessary details about the event, such as venue information, door times, age restrictions, event description, etc.


In the tickets section, there might be different options of available tickets to purchase.

Once available for purchase, customers can see the price per ticket before they decide to buy. Additional fees (VAT, etc.) may apply in checkout.


At the bottom of the new landing page, you can find the venue address and map.


On the left-hand side of the screen, ticket buyers can see their order summary and whether the tickets include NFT or not. They are also able to enter coupon codes if applicable.

Every order requires the buyer's contact and billing information. Organizers can even create their own registration questions that need to be filled in before checkout.

The primary background color of the event will also appear in the bar at the top of the screen in checkout.


The event organizer might require additional attendee details to be filled in before the checkout, otherwise, ticket buyers can do that after purchasing their tickets. Please see this article for detailed information about adding attendees.

Refundable booking

The ticket buyer can choose the paid add-on to upgrade to a refundable booking that covers unforeseen circumstances. The option is offered by our partner and you have to subscribe to the option before being able to offer it.

Payment method

With EventsFrame, there are three ways to purchase the ticket. We integrate Stripe, PayPal and Braintree. Select from online card payment or offline payment. After successful payment, the event ticket and order receipt can be accessed from the ticket buyer's wallet or via the link in an order confirmation email.


New design of the event page is in beta version and some features might be missing or non-customizable (e.g. embedding is not available).

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