In order to access the tickets, there is a Wallet which makes it easy for the ticket buyers to find and manage all their tickets in one place.

Let's explore the Wallet.

Your NFTs is a section where all the NFTs the ticket buyer owns both from the past and upcoming events are displayed. NFTs can disappear from this section only when you remove them from your wallet or withdraw/transfer them to somebody else inside or outside of EventsFrame.

Once you click on the NFT ticket, you can see your NFT visual, QR code, and all the necessary information about the event that the ticket is connected to. You are also able to view it on OpenSea or even withdraw it to your private wallet.The Upcoming Events section is the section where all the events you own at least 1 ticket (NFT or Non-NFT) for are displayed. This is a list of events, not tickets.

Once you click on a particular event, you will get to the Event Tickets page for that event where you can find all the tickets you own. To download your Non-NFT tickets you may be required to fill in the attendee details.

You can also see the details about events you already attended in the section Past Events.

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