NFT creator

Make more money with no extra effort by creating more (digital) value for your customers with NFT tickets. Our new NFT creator is a simple editor where you can create stunning NFTs for your events. Use one of our pre-made templates or add your own design.

Where to find NFT Creator?

On your event's management page you simply click on Registration > Tickets > Add New Ticket.

Firstly you need to fill in the ticket's information and then tick the option ‘This is an NFT Ticket’.

After clicking ‘Open NFT Creator’ below, the NFT creator will automatically pop up.


Current version of the NFT Creator allows you to upload your 2D image and customize the text (will be available with templates). Templates and 3D option will be added in Q4.

You can now upload the image that appears in the center, enter the text and choose the text and background text color. We recommend you to use a square (can be different shape as well) image of at least 1200x1200px.

After that, you can save your ticket design by clicking 'Publish NFT' and closing the window.

Adding the ticket

Select one of your custom NFTs and add it to your tickets by clicking the button 'Add ticket'.

Eventsframe makes it easy for you to find and manage all your ticket types in one place.

Your NFT ticket will show up among the other tickets in Registration > Tickets. Customers will be instantly able to purchase your NFT ticket.


Create the custom design for your ticket with our pre-made templates that serve as a strong foundation, so all you need to do is customise it according to your preferences.

To use one of the templates, click ‘Use template’, and you’re ready to design your own ticket.

You can customise every aspect of the template by simply clicking on the designated area you want to edit. Just click on the element you want to edit and upload or drag and drop your own image to make the ticket authentic to your event. You can edit the background image, so as left and right side of the ticket.

Our templates are designed to include the name of the event, date, event location and one additional text, but it is completely up to you what text you enter. You can change the font, size and text color, or even delete all the text if you don’t need it.

After you finish your design, you can save your ticket by clicking 'Publish NFT' and closing the window. You will find your design among the other NFT styles. Select it and add it to your ticket by clicking the button 'Add ticket’.

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