Virtual lobby

Virtual lobby - what is it?

It is a virtual space that sits on top of the event management platform and gives your event attractive look making it stand out. Virtual lobby is basically an add-on for the Platform and works only with the Platform. 'Rooms' are clickable and will be zoomed on creating a 3D effect. Once the attendees click on e.g. Schedule in the example below, they will be taken to the schedule tab. Clicks on other 'rooms' will take them to the corresponding tab on the platform.

Upload your own

Upload your own lobby and and customize it according to your needs.

Use cases

1) You are running an event with several speakers, some of them are scheduled to speak at the same time. Most speakers are being streamed in the Main Hall while smaller groups use Breakout sessions room. Agenda is available under the Info table.
2) You are running a conference for several hundred people and need a custom virtual lobby with specific number of 'rooms', the names of the sponsors and other special wishes. We prepare a custom space according to your requirements.
3) You are running a webinar for dozen people and you want to make it more engaging and fun. Surprise your attendees by running it virtually on the beach!

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