How to use the Platform

Setting up the event is quick and easy. 

First, you need to create the event in your EventsFrame account as you are used to. Fill out the Basic information - note that the Agenda Planner (this is the platform) needs to be checked here in order to use the Agenda.

After filling out the rest of your event's information including the description, payment methods (if applicable) tickets, possible discounts and integrations you are now ready to use and start planning your schedule on the platform.

Your 'homepage' on the platform is set for schedule tab. You can start preparing your event right away starting in the Details tab. Some information like the date, time, timezone and event description are pre-filled with the data from the event you created earlier on the ticketing part of the event.Currently, this data do not  automatically change if you change them in the ticketing, so make sure if there are any changes after the publication that you change them in the Platform as well.

You can choose who is able to see your event. In case you want to grant access only to the people who have the tickets for the event, choose 'Registration required'.

Choosing the "Registration required" means that the "Display Event Schedule" link from ticket page takes ticket buyer to login page with a notification the attendee needs to login.

After the registration/login the attendee is taken to the access dialog where they can insert either Order ID or Access Code.

What is access code? If you do not want to use Order ID to grant access to your attendees, you can easily create the access code in the Details tab. However, it is up to you to send the access code to your attendees.

After the login, the attendee can find the event also using the Order ID in list of events.

Back to the Schedule. You can create rooms and talks in a straightforward way there; just click the 'Create New Room' or 'Create New Talk' button. You can also create new room in Rooms tab. Both room and talk are customizable when it comes to the color. In the detail of the Talk you need to add the topic/name, which room will the talk happen in, change the color and decide which features you want to keep in the sidebar (chat,  polls, Q&A) as well as the time of the talk and the description.

There is also a place to embed live stream (options and embed codes below) and speaker who will be giving the talk.

When the rooms and talks are set, you can start adding polls and Q&A if you intend to use them. Create a poll and assign it to Talk. In Q&A tab, moderate the questions. 

Las but not least, if you have a virtual lobby subscription or would like to use it on per event basis, choose a suitable virtual space in Lobby  tab. Currently there are couple of lobby spaces, they will be added continually.

As you can see, there are text titles already in each lobby space.  These titles will be customizable by the end of March at latest. For other customization options, please, contact us.  To preview the event how it looks like for the attendee click the eye in the top left corner. Switch back anytime at the same place.

So what does the attendee see? 

This is the homepage the attendee sees after login. As mentioned above, the text titles will be customizable.  

In Schedule, attendee chooses which talks to attend and they will then appear in Agenda. We plan to make the tab above the platform customizable as well. Virtual lobby will come in many forms and shapes so you will be able to change the titles.

The talk's stream/session itself has an information section and video stream section (there is  a video on the left hand side being played).

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