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FAQs for lifetime account holders

What is the Platform?

The Platform is an Event management platform that helps you run your virtual and hybrid events by offering the attendees a place to watch the event, engage with the speaker(s), talk to fellow attendees via chat, network, ask the questions via Q&A feature or participate in the polls. Event organizers can use it to run virtual events like conferences (both internal and paid), webinars, teaching classes, in the future also small fairs among other use cases.

Can I use my EventsFrame account without the Platform and Virtual lobby?

Yes, absolutely. You do not need to purchase any additional add-ons to use your ticketing account. You can sell the tickets as per your deal terms.

How do I use the Platform?

 Please refer to the support document How to use the Platform.

What is included in the lifetime deal?

Lifetime access to the Platform and:

  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited attendees* 
  • Embedded streaming options (currently Vimeo, Zoom, YouTube, LiveWebinar, Publit.io, more coming)
  • Chat
  • Polls
  • Q&As
  • Newsfeed

*no. of tickets according to EF plan

What is Virtual lobby?

It is a virtual space that sits on top of the event management platform and gives your event attractive look making it stand, out. 'Rooms' are clickable and will be zoomed on creating a 3D broadcasting effect. Once the attendees click on e.g. Main Hall in the example above, they will be taken to the live stream that is happening in the main hall. Clicks on other 'rooms' will take them to the corresponding tab on the platform. Some of the virtual lobby spaces will be made of video loops imitating the real activity while some others might come with the sounds that the attendees will be able to turn on.

Use cases 

  • You are running an event with several speakers, some of them are scheduled to speak at the same time. Most speakers are being streamed in the Main Hall while smaller groups use Breakout sessions room. Agenda is available under the Info table.
  • You are running a conference for several hundred people and need a custom virtual lobby with specific number of 'rooms', the names of the sponsors and other special wishes. We prepare a custom space according to your requirements.
  • You are running a webinar for dozen people and you want to make it more engaging and fun. Surprise your attendees by running it virtually on the beach!

Can I use the Platform without the Virtual lobby?

Yes, you can use the Platform without it as it is a standalone product.

If you did not find the answer to your questions about the lifetime deal here, please, feel free to contact us.

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