Event management platform introduction

We have launched the event management platform and are happy to receive your feedback and suggestions to improve it.  To learn more about how to use the Platform click here (redirect to 'How to use the Platform' article).

Platform - what is it?

The Platform is an Event management platform that helps you run your virtual and hybrid events by offering the attendees a place to watch the event, engage with the speaker(s), talk to fellow attendees via chat, network, ask the questions via Q&A feature or participate in the polls. Event organizers can use it to run virtual events like conferences (both internal and paid), webinars, teaching classes, in the future also small fairs among other use cases.

You can find the platform under the Agenda tab in every event. After clicking the Agenda tab you will be taken to the administration of the event where you can create different rooms and talks. In Details tab, there are all the information about the event. They are taken from your event in EventsFrame and filled out automatically. You can manually change them anytime. There are also polls and Q&A that you can use for the various talks/sessions, just choose the one of your choice in addition to writing a notification to a news(feed) section.

What are the future plans?

We do want to create a useful platform for you, event organizers as well as engaging and fun place for the attendees to make your events stand out.

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