The integration will be available upon approval by Zoom.

Features and notice

  • Zoom integration allows loading a list of your existing Zoom Meetings and Webinars, and adding newly registered attendees there automatically on your behalf.
  • This feature is available only to Zoom paid users

Integration notice

  • go to your Account Settings → Email Integrations
  • choose Zoom form list of available service

  • use Authorise button in the connection dialog and allow Zoom to access your account
  • after linking your Zoom account with your EventsFrame account, you can now pair your Zoom Meetings and Webinars with EventsFrame account.
  • go to your chosen Event → Registration → Integrations and choose Zoom.

  • in the integration dialog you can load all your existing Zoom events and pair any of them with your EventsFrame event by using "Update Integration" button.

  • each paid attendee of your events will be now added as a registrant for the paired Zoom event.
  • name of paired Zoom event will be displayed in the list

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