How to translate Eventsframe to different languages

EventsFrame is going global! We are excited to make it easier for the event organizers around the globe to sell the tickets in their language!

Now, it is possible to translate the entire public-facing interface to your language. Every event can be translated. To do so, simply head over to Texts&Labels section:

Event > Settings > Texts&Labels

Next just manually translate the associated text.

Please note that the bottom of the registration page and help cannot be translated. Also, if you do not fill out the Event Terms Legal Link in the event's settings the ticket buyer will be re-directed to a short English version of EventsFrame's default text.

We highly recommend creating a Template that contains all of the translated buttons and labels, and using this template to create events from. This will save event organizer from the need to change the language on buttons and labels every time an event is created.

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