Integrating SendFox with EventsFrame

SendFox just requires that we connect the Personal Access Token from SendFox into EventsFrame.

SendFox >> Menu ( >> Settings >> API >> Personal Access Tokens >>    EventsFrame >> Settings >> Email Integrations >> SendFox >> Paste Personal Access Token

Once the Personal Access Token is pasted into EventsFrame, you can then go ahead and enable it on an event.

SendFox - connect with an event 

Connecting SendFox on an event is as easy as heading over to the event.

Event >> Registration >> Integrations >> select existing list (or create a new one in your Sendfox account)

Please note that after a new list is added, it won't be automatically selected, so select it manually. Sendfox API does not provide endpoint for deleting lists, in order to remove a list it needs to be done manually as well and then use "Reload Lists" to reflect the change.

After the list is selected and saved, it will be shown in the integration info. The attendee email provided at event's checkout will be automatically added to the chosen list.

SendFox - General Notes



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