LiveWebinar is one of the most advanced webinar softwares you can find on the market. LiveWebinar  is different because it provides easy browser access, unlimited customization, clear HD quality and allows embedding directly into your website. 

EventsFrame enables you to sell tickets for webinar events on LiveWebinar - after the integration, buying a ticket through EventsFrame triggers the connection and sends the registration details to LiveWebinar automatically. However, to make this integration work, you have to first create an event/webinar at LiveWebinar and then turn the Registration on.  Without taking these steps first, the synchronization will not work. More details and step-by-step guide below.

Connecting EventsFrame with LiveWebinar

Connect EventsFrame with LiveWebinar easily. Sign in to your LiveWebinar account. Then go back to you EventsFrame dashboard and click on Email integrations. Choose LiveWebinar icon, click Authorize and there you are, integration is done.

Within LiveWebinar dashboard, click Registration and enable it. To connect your event, simply choose the event in your EventsFrame dashboard. Click integrations and choose LiveWebinar. You should already have a webinar created on your LiveWebinar account (remember, turn on the registration form), schedule it. Then go back to the EventsFrame dashboard, choose the webinar and save the configuration. Now it is all done and your webinar is connected to your event on EventsFrame.

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